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The Allied Forces who participated in D-Day wrote the most important story of the last century. In terms of its broad and residual impact on the course of world events, it rivals the French Revolution as a watershed of modern history. If not the most difficult day of World War II, it was surely the most important. The logistical resources that crossed the beaches, even before the blood of their liberators had disappeared in the sand, changed the calculus of the European continent overnight.

 The staggering volume of material and enhanced lines of communication in place mere days after the Normandy landing played a catalytic role in the visioning process that led, in 1947, to the formation of the Marshall Plan and, to an extent, its rapid implementation. That plan's unprecedented generosity to friend and foe alike provided the bedrock upon which the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) grew and prospered.

All of that is part of the D-Day legacy; so, too, the stability and efficacy of NATO both during and since the Cold War.

 If, with its monument, the National D-Day Memorial provides a stunning material celebration of the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of the Allied Forces on D-Day, and it does nothing less, the Memorials educational programs honor those same qualities by connecting them, in accessible, meaningful ways, to the world we live in now as well as to the one that awaits us in the future.

You are invited to contribute to the construction of the facility that will enable the National D-Day Memorial Foundation to continue and expand upon the educational initiatives that have been, throughout its already impressive history, central in the memorializing effort. By supporting the Foundation's telling of the D-Day story today, you ensure its retelling tomorrow.

 For information on named giving opportunities, please call the Development office at 540-586-3329 or 1-800-351-DDAY.

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