Experiencing History

Last week I attended a documentary premier at Chapel Hill High School in North Carolina. The film, produced by high school students, told the story of the Bedford Boys in a manner that was both emotional and engaging.   

The Bedford Boys – members of Co. A, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division
It was clear that these students had encountered history for themselves and were now sharing that experience with others.  Over the course of a year these students listened to the personal stories of World War II veterans; spoke with people who provided first-hand accounts of life in on the Home Front; walked in France where American soldiers fought for freedom; and memorialized and honored the sacrifice of the WWII generation. 
Those students came face to face with a very personal side of history.
I want to give you a similar opportunity.  We’ll experiment with ration-era recipes to a get a taste of history and share personal perspectives of the war as told by our visitors, volunteers, and artifacts.  And for those in the Central Virginia area, we’ll keep you up to date on special events and programs that will provide creative ways for you to experience WWII history at the National D-Day Memorial.
I hope you enjoy the sentimental journey.
– Megan
P.S. Be sure to read more about the Bedford Boys’ story at the National D-Day Memorial’s website: https://www.dday.org/.
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