Veterans Day

 With a birthday two days before Veterans Day, I believed as a school-aged child that Veterans Day was simply the Federal Government’s way of saying, “Happy Belated Birthday, Megan!”  Belief is maybe an exaggeration, but I did think it was a happy coincidence that my birthday fell so near Veterans Day.  After all, school was closed, and I could enjoy a day of freedom outside the confines of my elementary school prison. 
I don’t think I really came to appreciate the true meaning of Veterans Day until I was in college.  By this time in my life some friends and former classmates had joined the military and were serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Somehow knowing a service-person or veteran personally changes one’s perspective of Veteran’s Day.   
One of my favorite things about working for the Memorial is the chance I have to meet veterans and hear their stories.  Most of the veterans I talk with insist that they are not heroes – they say that they were just doing their jobs.  But these so-called -jobs and patriotic duties fulfilled by these men and women have helped preserve freedom across the globe.   
So I would like to encourage you to look at Veterans Day a little differently this year.  Go out of your way to thank a veteran.  Participate in a local Veterans Day parade or ceremony.  Write a letter to a local VFW or American Legion chapter expressing your gratitude…  Whatever you decide to do this Veterans Day, I hope you will take some time to remember that we enjoy freedoms each and every day because others have given up much in service to our country. 
– Megan 

**If you’re in Central Virginia, come out to the D-Day Memorial on Friday for our ceremony at 11am.  It’s a great chance to meet and chat with WWII veterans.  Also, admission is free from 10am – noon!  Visit for more details.

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