Spry Honey Rolls

Cover of the Spry Cookbook
This week I experimented with my first ration-era recipe: Honey Rolls.  I found the recipe in the Spry shortening product cookbook, and I must say the results were delicious!  Now, it’s true that shortening and other fats (like butter) were rationed, but keep in mind that this from a product cookbook, so every recipe in the pamphlet includes shortening.  Aside from the few tablespoons of shortening, the rest of the recipe is ration stamp friendly!
One of the most delightful things about this recipe was its simplicity.  Prep maybe took 15-20 minutes which included rolling out the biscuit dough, melting the topping, and preheating the oven!  And shortening was the only item called for that I didn’t already have stocked in my cabinet.  (On a side note, the Lever Brothers – yes, the soap company – stopped producing Spry shortening sometime in the 1960s, so I just used Crisco instead).
My lovely, floured counter, perfect for rolling out the biscuit dough.
Mmmmm. Hot honey rolls fresh out of the oven!
Here’s the finished product!  The taste reminded me of monkey bread.  We’ll definitely make these again sometime soon!
 Here’s a copy of the recipe to try on your own: 
And here’s the recipe for the dough (baking powder biscuits):
Recipe taken from: What Shall I Cook Today: 124 thrifty, healthful tested recipes.  Lever Brothers Company, Cambridge: Mass. p. 39-40.
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