Jack, It’s the G.I. Jive

For the past several weeks I have had one song on permanent loop in my head.  Whatever I do, I can’t seem to get rid of it.  It comes out in a whistle as I drive to and from work, and it causes my two-year-old to constantly inquire, “Whatcha singing about?”  The song that has been haunting my dreams, invading my thoughts, and following my every move is Johnny Mercer’s “G.I. Jive”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the song.  It’s catchy, hilarious, and nostalgic all at the same time.  And if you’ve never heard the tune I would encourage you to listen to by clicking on the YouTube video below. 


“And why,” might you ask, “does a twenty-something, young professional have this 1940s tune stuck in her head?”  Well, allow me to explain…  Anytime someone around the office mentions the phrase  “G.I. Jive” my mind immediately plays the Mercer track.  And anytime I think of the phrase “G.I. Jive” the song starts anew.  

And “G.I. Jive” is mentioned quite frequently these days because in a little more than a week the National D-Day Memorial is hosting a unique fundraising event called (as you might have guessed) “G.I. Jive”.  Our G.I. Jive will take place on Saturday, February 9th from 6:30pm-11:00pm at the Elks National Home in Bedford, VA.  The evening event promises to provide guests with a night full of food, fun, and fancy footwork.  The event includes jiving Big Band sounds, a silent auction, and a fabulous dinner – everything you need for a night of vintage, 40s-style elegance and all to benefit the National D-Day Memorial.

If you’d like to join us for our G.I. Jive 1940s Dance, tickets are on sale now, but quantities are limited.  Tickets are $65.00 each or $120.00 per couple, and they may be purchased by calling the National D-Day Memorial Foundation office at (540)586-DDAY!


*** As an aside, G.I. Jive was also the name of an armed forces radio show that played song requests from servicemen every week.  The show referred to itself as the “AEF jukebox of the air” with soldiers, sailors, and airmen sending in their requests by mail to the radio studio in Los Angeles.  The show played the likes of Glenn Miller and Joe Turner.  You can listen to several recorded broadcasts of “G.I. Jive” through the National Archives at http://archive.org/details/G.i.Jive.

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