National D-Day Memorial: Thank You to Our Volunteers

Hello everyone!  Here we are again at the end of another year, and what a year it has been!  At the National D-Day Memorial, we have had quite a year. Even as we reflect on all the amazing events of 2013, we are in full swing planning mode for the events of 2014.   All the events, school programs, and tours would not be possible without our wonderful volunteers.  In the blazing hot of summer to the freezing cold of winter to all the rainy days, the volunteers of the National D-Day memorial are always there to make sure our visitors have the most meaningful experience during their visit.  
 As we end the year, I just want to take a minute to say a giant THANK YOU to all our volunteers and the dedication they show to the Memorial.  From daily visitor interaction to concerts, ceremonies, schools visits, family day events, and luminaries, our volunteers are always there, helping out in any way they can.  

We look forward to seeing you next year! 

Until next time,

If you would like to join our wonderful team of volunteers, please visit our website.

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