Change is Upon Us!

Hello All,
Beautiful day at the Memorial, 11/11/14
I would like to begin this post by saying thank you to all those who joined us for the National D-day Memorial’s Veteran’s Day celebration! It was a great success and it was heartwarming to see so many supporters come to the site to honor our brave veterans.
Now that our events season is beginning to wind-down for the winter (do not forget our Luminary Project), the Memorial has exciting news to share, WE’RE MOVING! Have no fear, the physical site of the Memorial will remain the same; however, the Foundation’s office location will change. The D-Day Memorial Foundation has made the conscious decision to move our office down the street to a building more suitable for our growing needs.  
Veterans Day, 2014
Since our dedication on June 6, 2001, the growth of the Memorial has been outstanding.  Because of that increase, we have joyfully out grown our current office.  In addition, our collection has increased extensively in recent years and it is our priority to share our exciting finds and donations with the public! In the new office, we will showcase our fine artifacts in a display case on the main level, front and center. The items will be rotated periodically to ensure everything has equal stage time and to keep it interesting for your viewing pleasure. Education is a pillar of the Foundation’s mission and every detail counts in our book. Showcasing artifacts and information is one of the various ways we can teach the public about the importance of D-Day and the impact it has on the nation. We encourage you to visit our office and view our beautiful relics.
Piece of the Gerchkoff collection, donated to the National D-Day Memorial in 1998.

The move will take place the week of Thanksgiving. It is important to mention that this move would not be made possible without the support of all those who are connected with the Memorial. Your care and support make our mission successful and our growth possible. It seems appropriate for us to move during a time of thanks and renewal. It is the beginning of the next chapter for the Memorial; a time of continued growth and development.
This battle flag, in our collection, was carried ashore by members of the 299th Combat Engineer Battalion, Company B on June 6, 1944 on D-Day.

The new address is 133 West Main Street, Bedford, Virginia. Our contact information will remain the same.
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