Volunteering is Fun at the National D-Day Memorial

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Today, we want to feature the men and women who put in thousands of volunteer hours each year to support the educational mission of the National D-Day Memorial to honor the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who landed on the beaches of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944. We really couldn’t do what we do here without them!
Volunteers listening to the tour guide at the
George C. Marshall Museum in Lexington, VA
On Monday, we had the opportunity to take our volunteers who worked 25 hours or more to Lexington, VA to visit the George C. Marshall Museum and Lee Chapel. I always look forward to the Volunteer Field Trip because it is a great time to catch up with our volunteers during the slower winter season—especially, since the Memorial tends to be closed due to ice and snow in January and February—and for all of us to learn from other museums and historic sites.
If you are interested in volunteering with the National D-Day Memorial, you are in luck—We will be holding our annual Volunteer Training this weekend at the Bedford Welcome Center! We have two different dates to fit your schedule: Friday, February 26, 2016 or Saturday, February 27, 2016 from 8:30AM to noon. This is an opportunity to learn more about the National D-Day Memorial and different ways that you can volunteer here. Call (540) 587-3619 for more information and to RSVP.
Below, Ches shares about what it is like to volunteer at the National D-Day Memorial:
Ches volunteering at the Information Table
 at the POW/MIA ceremony Sept. 2015 with
Jenny, D-Day’s Volunteer Coordinator,
and Trudy, a volunteer for the Gift Store
During my final semester at Longwood, I completed an internship with the Memorial. During my internship I did everything I could trying to experience as much as possible! I worked in the Foundation’s archives organizing, accessioning, and preserving history for the future. I also helped out in the Education Department. I led tours, supervised the Victory Garden students, assisted in leading student events, such as the day camps, and so much more! Once my internship was over in May 2015, I decided to stick around and volunteer throughout the summer because I truly enjoyed sharing and preserving the legacy of D-Day. My experience at the Memorial gave my internship and my volunteering so much meaning. History- learning it and teaching it- and interacting with visitors became a passion of mine, and today I can’t imagine doing anything else!
In 2015, we had just over 80 volunteers at the National D-Day Memorial who volunteered 10,500 hours last year! Our volunteers bring the Memorial alive from giving visitors wonderful tours for the public and school groups to answering questions to welcoming visitors at the gate and in the gift store. Not only do our volunteers assist in daily operations, but also with events and ceremonies on-site. It is through this contagious spirit of patriotic volunteerism that we are able to ensure that the Memorial will carry on the legacy of D-Day for future generations.

Twila and Bill volunteering to set-up luminaries in Dec. 2015.
They also volunteer as tour guides for the public and school groups.

I am truly honored to work with wonderful, caring, intelligent volunteers who not only make everyone’s day brighter, but who give their all for this incredible Memorial. You taught thousands of children, adults, and students the story of the Bedford Boys and the Allied valor, fidelity, and sacrifice on D-Day. You all are what make this Memorial so memorable. The story is impressive, but it is the volunteers who tell it that bring it alive and make it real for the thousands of visitors each year.
Thanks again for all you do!

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