Below is a list of other sites that can provide additional information about the events that transpired on D-Day.

D-Day Museum (Portsmouth, England)

The National World War II Museum (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Cantigny First Division Foundation (Wheaton, Illinois)

Imperial War Museum

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington, D.C.)

The Marshall Museum (Lexington, Virginia)

The National World War II Memorial

Also, learn more about the Virginia WWII Heritage Alliance. - This site describes the buildup for D-Day, the invasion, and the breakout into northern France. The site also includes a history behind the movie Saving Private Ryan. - "D-Day on the Web" includes a wide array of topics on D-Day from the planning and preparation to the use of air power and naval support during the invasion. The site also includes personal accounts from veterans. - This PBS web-site includes letters from the front and a glimpse into the experiences of paratroopers during the invasion. - This National Geographic interactive web-site provides a selection of oral histories on D-Day. - This web-site provides excellent photos of Normandy. - This web-site is an audio recording of a radio program that was occurring as the invasion was unfolding.


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