Pre-arranged group tours are available.

Group Admission (13 or more patrons, fees are per person)

$8.00 Adult *includes FREE walking tour

$5.00 Child *includes FREE walking tour

Group Admission (Less than 13 patrons, $100 flat rate fee)

NOTE: Reservations are required to receive a complimentary walking tour. We recommend a minimum of two weeks notice. A deposit is required to confirm this reservation.

No deposit = No reservation.

For more information contact the tour coordinator to schedule a tour.

Telephone number 540-587-3619
Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

School field trips are available at a discounted rate. Please call 540-586-3329 x114 for more information.


Is there any advantage to coming in a group?

Yes, besides the camaraderie of sharing together in your D-Day Memorial experience, you may be eligible for a reduced admission fee.

What do I need to do if my group wants to reserve a tour at the National D-Day Memorial?

First, decide on both a date and a specific hour for your planned tour. Next, make sure your group will have at least 13 members on the date and time you have selected. Groups with 13 or more patrons receive a reduced admission fee, provided they have made a reservation at least two weeks in advance of their anticipated arrival. Finally, call 540-587-3619 to make your reservation.

What if I have less than 13 people in my group and still want a reserved tour?

There is a flat fee of $100.00 for any group numbering less than 13 patrons. If you have less than 13 people in your group and would like to have a reserved tour, please call 540-587-3619.

Do you have any mobility assistance available?

Should you need mobility assistance for members of your party who are disabled, we do have a limited number of wheelchairs available at no cost, or you may reserve one of our five-passenger shuttle carts for an additional $30.00 each. Reserved tours are limited to a maximum of 2 shuttle carts, based on availability. Since the availability of these carts may be limited, please plan your trip well in advance.

Groups who have scheduled a tour in advance.

Please arrive at the Bedford Area Welcome Center 20 minutes early to check-in and use the facilities.  Your group will then drive up to the Memorial Gift Store.  There, one designated person will be responsible for payment, and you will meet up with your tour guide.  Contact us as soon as possible if you see that your party will be arriving late. Groups arriving more than 15 minutes late without advance notification will forfeit their guide and any reserved shuttle carts. Please call this number to notify the Memorial of a late arrival – 540-587-5681. 



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