Footlockers of War by K.L. Jaberg


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Home Front Series 2

Paperback, Signed Copies

Historical fiction By local Bedford, Virginia author

Ten years after D-Day and the end of World War II finds most Americans embracing the future. The acquisition of the latest modern conveniences now drives those who lived through the Great Depression and the world at war. This rapid prosperity of the 1950’s changes the makeup of family life. Lisbeth’s blended family is no different. The surprise discovery of two abandoned footlockers hold memories that are locked away in the hearts of her mother and sister. For teenager Lisbeth, who tries to open up those hallowed memories, a swift and strong reaction of resistance comes her way.  With the resourceful ways of our scheming Lisbeth, she is determined to pry open the past.  The footlockers prove to be catalysts for change, revealing strengths and weaknesses in the family. Twists and turns eventually lead to new beginnings, reconciliation and hope.

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