Last Stand on Bataan – Christopher L. Kolakowski


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Last Stan on Bataan  – The Defense of the Philippines, December 1941-May 1942 By Christopher L. Kolakowski

In the opening days of World War II, a joint U.S.-Filipino army fought desperately to defend Manila Bay and the Philippines against a Japanese invasion. Much of the five-month campaign was waged on the Bataan Peninsula and Corregidor Island. Despite dwindling supplies and dim prospects for support, the garrison held out as long as possible and significantly delayed the JApanese timetable for the conquest in the Pacific.  In the end, the Japanese forced the largest capitulation in U.S. military history.  The defenders were hailed as heroes and the legacy of their determined resistance marks the Philippines today.  Drawing on accounts from American  and Filipino participants and archival sources, this book chronicles these critical months of the Pacific War, from the first air strikes to the fall of Bataan and Corregidor.

Christopher L. Kolakowski is a historian who has spent his career preserving and interpreting military history from 1775 to the present. He lives in Norfolk, Virginia

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