Omaha Beach & Beyond – By John Robert Slaughter


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Omaha Beach & Beyond – The Long March of Sgt. Bob Slaughter

Foreword by Alex Kershaw Bestselling Author of The Bedford Boys

Desperate for a decent paying job, John Robert Slaughter joined the National Guard in early 1941. The possibility of combat duty seemed remote, not even a part of the decision. Then came Pearl Harbor. On June 6, 1944, Slaughter landed on Omaha Beach with the 116th Infantry, which lost nearly a thousand men. But “Bloody Omaha” was only the beginning of the march that would take him to Holland, the Bulge, and Germany itself. Slaughter would survive a mortar wound and continue the fight toward final victory in Europe. His gripping memoir captures the feelings of a young man facing the challenges of war and being one of the lucky ones who made it home. After the war Slaughter became a career newspaper journalist. He was a leader in the creation of the National D-Day Memorial, located in Bedford, Virginia.

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