The Paratrooper Generals – By Mitchell Yockelson


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Hardback –   Mitchell Yockelson  – Signed Copies (Limited Number)

The Paratrooper Generals – Matthew Ridgway, Maxwell Taylor, and the American Airborne from D-Day through Normandy

Generals during World War II usually stayed at the rear, but not Matthew Ridgway and Maxwell Taylor. During D-Day and the Normandy campaign, the commanders of the 82nd “All American” and the 101st “Screaming Eagle” Airborne Divisions refused to remain behind the lines and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the paratroopers in the thick of combat. Jumping into Normandy during the early hours of D-Day, Ridgway and Taylor fought on the ground for six weeks of combat that cost the airborne division more than 40 percent casualties. The Paratrooper Generals is the first book to explore in depth the significant role these two division commanders played on D-Day, describing the extraordinary courage and leadership they demonstrated throughout the most important American campaign of World War II.

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