The National D-Day Education Center

The Education Center will become the educational and interpretive component of the National D-Day Memorial. Its purpose is to ensure that the D-Day legacy remains clear, meaningful, and accessible to present and future generations. The Education Center’s mission is to provide compelling programs, projects, and exhibits that preserve, interpret, and illuminate the history and lessons of D-Day. In carrying out that mission, the Center also has three broad operational objectives:

To give particular attention to the roles, contributions, and sacrifices of the home front.
To honor the service, courage, and sacrifice of D-Day participants by pursuing educational opportunities that underscore vigilance and a strong defense as the foundation for peace.
To establish relationships with complementary activities, organizations, and enterprises in the museum, educational, and policy communities.

In addition to an auditorium and theater, the future education center will house computer and video stations, seminar and meeting rooms, exhibition space for permanent and traveling exhibits, and three galleries for thematic displays. The Education Center’s thematic galleries will draw particular attention to the clergy, medicine, and cartooning in the context of D-Day and the broader context of World War II. However disparate those subjects may seem at first glance, the human needs they respond to – spiritual, physical, emotional needs – are common to all people.


Cartoons were extremely important during World War II – and not just to me but to most, if not all, of us in service. I remember when we first saw the Bill Mauldin cartoons, and I admired immediately what he was doing.

Charles M. Schulz, Creator of Peanuts
8th Armored Infantry Battalion
20th Armored Division


In all this fire, when you could hardly get across the beach and expect to live, Corporal Jones, a puny kid who was the last one to expect anything spectacular of, went out six times and brought men in.

Captain C.N. Hall, M.D.
Assistant Battalion Surgeon
2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry
1st Infantry Division
Omaha Beach


A young lad next to me fell; a bullet got him. I dragged him ashore, and there in that awful turmoil, I knelt for a second that seemed an eternity and anointed him – the first of the long, long list I anointed in action.

The Reverend R.M. Hickey, Chaplain
North Shore Regiment
Juno Beach

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