Virtual Homefront Festival: Patriotism

One thing that defined the U.S. Homefront during World War II was their unifying, and patriotic spirit to defeat tyranny and liberate the oppressed peoples of Europe and Asia.

Learn more about patriotism, both then and now, with a video and activities below.

“Patriotic Revival” Video

Join WoodmenLife Virgina’s Marla Baker as as she shares about patriotism’s importance through history and today.

Activities and Resources:

Uncle Sam Paper Plate Craft

Since America was founded, Uncle Sam has been used in artwork to represent the United States Government. During World War II, he was used to encourage people to do their patriotic duty and join the military. Using this activity, make your own Uncle Sam with a paper plate and other items from your home.

Oral Histories from Normandy Campaign Veterans

Within this YouTube playlist, discover what it was like for a women, black man, and sailor to experience the Invasion of Normandy in 1944.

Conduct Your Own Oral History with a Veteran!

Learn how to conduct an oral history interview with tips and questions in the document above. Once you feel more comfortable, interview a veteran from any conflict to learn more about them and their patriotic service to our nation.