Virtual Homefront Festival: Propaganda

Propaganda is art and communication designed to promote a specific cause.

During World War II, posters, music, books, videos, and more were used to encourage people to support the war effort. Learn more about propaganda through the video and activities below.

“Propaganda in WWII” Video
Through the use of propaganda posters, this program will show the varied roles of women in WWII and how propaganda posters in particular were used to influence the public and evoke powerful emotions on the war.
Activities and Resources

Propaganda and World War II Guided Activity

As you explore videos, music, and posters from World War II, use the questions in this activity to better understand the intent behind each piece’s creation.

Propaganda Posters Coloring Pages: Americans Will Always Fight for Liberty or Uncle Sam

Add your own style to posters created during World War II to support the war effort!

“Power of Persuasion” National Archives Digital Exhibit

Explore propaganda posters from World War II on various topics at your own pace in this digital exhibit curated by the National Archives.