Virtual Homefront Festival: Victory Gardening

Grow Your Own!

When shopping for groceries was difficult due to rationing, planting gardens was an alternative for many American families and communities. Learn more about the role of Victory Gardens during WWII on the homefront through the lecture and activities below.

“Digging for Victory” Video
In today’s world where Victory Gardens are making a comeback, explore the importance of Victory gardening in WWII. This program explores the impact of rationing during the war and why Victory gardens served a critical need.
Activities and Resources:

Grow Your Own

Follow the instructions to start your own garden by planting from a seed.

“The Gardens of Victory” U.S. Office of Civil Defense Video

Courtesy of Ball State University Libraries, this video shows the wartime need for vegetable gardens in American communities during World War II.

Tips for Planting a Victory Garden

Learn tips for planting a garden, as well as more history about Victory Gardens, in this article by the Farmer’s Almanac.