Artifact Donations

Artifacts Wish List

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation is growing. As part of our growth we are seeking donations of items for our artifacts collection. The focus of our collection is to tell the story of the men and women, representing all nations which participated in Operation Overlord and the Allied Invasion of Europe. Additionally, we also pay honor to the war efforts and sacrifices made by the men and women on the Home Front.

The following list identifies some of the items that we are seeking to assist in the telling of the D-day story:

American and German Items

Combat Uniforms:

  • Army, Navy/Coast Guard
  • Air Corps Clothing Items
  • Combat Jackets
  • Ike Jackets
  • Airborne Jackets


  • Dress Shoes
  • Jump Boots
  • Combat Boots
  • Leggings
  • High Top Shoes

Insignia – Medals – Other Decorations:

  • Military Decorations and Ribbons
  • Unit Insignia (DUI)
  • Uniform Patches
  • Wings


  • Helmets
  • Helmet Liners
  • Helmet Nets
  • Leather Flying Helmets

Web and Leather Gear:

  • Ammo Belts
  • Pistol Belts
  • Holsters
  • Packs
  • Map Cases
  • Grenade Bags
  • Musset Bags

Personal Items:

  • Canteens and Canteen Pouches
  • Mess Kits
  • Mess Kit Utensils
  • Shaving Gear
  • Rations
  • Field Made Items


  • Entrenching shovel
  • Souvenirs from Ships and Landing craft that participated in the D-Day Invasion
  • Photo Albums and War Era Correspondence
  • Souvenirs from European Campaign

Home Front:

  • Posters
  • Rationing Coupons
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • War Bonds
  • War Bond stamps
  • Radios
  • Civil Defense Helmets
The Foundation is interested in considering items related to D-Day. If would like to donate an item, please contact:

John Long
Director of Education
National D-Day Memorial Foundation
540-586-3329 or

or use the form below to enter your contact information online: