Memorial Policies and FAQ

Visitors are reminded the Memorial is a place of honor and are asked to adhere to the following etiquette policies and guidelines we've listed below.

Policies and Guidelines

  • Please take special care to watch children. Running, climbing, and yelling are not appropriate.
  • Wading, playing, or throwing objects into the reflection pool is strictly prohibited.
  • No recreational activities
  • No eating, drinking (with the exception of water), or smoking while on monument grounds. Picnic tables are located inside the Memorial’s pavilion, though not always available.
  • No firearms are permitted on the Memorial grounds.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted on Memorial grounds.
  • Photography/Artwork/Image Use Policy: The design elements of the Memorial are protected under copyright law. Visitors are permitted to take pictures or video on/of the Memorial site, or create artistic depictions, for personal use only. Such images are not to be sold; used commercially or promotionally; used by political campaigns/organizations/groups, religious organizations/groups, non-profits or businesses without the express written permission of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation or licensing agreement. As the Memorial is a place of reverence, its use as a photo session location is prohibited. The Memorial site is private property, thus the Foundation retains the right to limit or deny photography or video activity/requests or site access at any time.
  • Drone Policy: Trespass by unmanned aircraft (drone) is not permitted. Unmanned aircraft (drone) operation on/over Memorial property may be in violation of federal regulation § 107.45 Operation in prohibited or restricted areas and/or § 107.39 Operation over human beings and Virginia statute § 18.2-121.3. Trespass with an unmanned aircraft system; penalty  and/or § 18.2-324.2. Use of unmanned aircraft system for certain purposes; penalty. The Memorial’s 50-acre site is private property, predominantly open-air, and occupied by staff or security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Foundation’s risk management policy prohibits the launch of unmanned aircraft (drones) from Memorial property or operation over the Memorial site for the safety of our guests, staff, contractors, and volunteers.
  • No Animals: With the exception of licensed service dogs, no animals are permitted within the monument’s perimeter. The Memorial has a kennel area to place pets while visiting the site. Inquire with the ticketing agent for more information.
  • No Unauthorized Use of Memorial/Foundation Names and Logos: The names “National D-Day Memorial” and “National D-Day Memorial Foundation” and Memorial/Foundation logos are protected under copyright law.
  • No Political Campaigning: The National D-Day Memorial Foundation is apolitical and non-partisan. Therefore, campaigning for public office is prohibited on Memorial grounds to include: distribution of campaign materials; the wearing of campaign clothing such as shirts, hats, and buttons; placement of campaign signs; engaging Memorial guests, volunteers, or staff in campaign conversation; the use of the Memorial’s name or imagery in campaign ads, social media, etc.
  • No Distribution of Material/Solicitation: The distribution of any material or solicitation of Memorial guests is prohibited without the express written permission of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the National D-Day Memorial open?

The National D-Day Memorial is open daily from 10AM to 5PM with the exception of Monday closings December through February. The Memorial is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. The Memorial closes at 2PM on New Year’s Eve. During inclement weather, we advise you call (540) 586-3329 before planning your trip.

What does it cost to get in?

Fees for admission are $10.00 per adult, $8.00 per veteran, and $6.00 per student (ages 6-18 or older with a valid college ID) if tickets are purchased online.  Tickets are $12.00 per adult, $10.00 per veteran, and $8.00 per student at the Memorial. Children under age 6, WWII veterans, and Active-duty military are admitted free of charge.

A complimentary guided walking tour, when available, is included in the cost of admission. Check with the ticketing agent upon arrival for next available tour time.

I am not traveling with a group but would like a guided tour of the Memorial. What do I do?

The Memorial offers guided walking tours between the hours of 10 AM – 4 PM. Check with the ticketing agent for the next available tour time when you arrive. Guided walking tours are offered based on volunteer availability. Please call (540) 586-3329 and select the Memorial site option to check guided tour availability before your visit.

When is the best time to plan my visit?

April through October is a favorable time to visit the Memorial. The temperatures are warmer, the water effects are operating, and many of the gardens are in bloom. Please call (540) 586-3329 ahead of your visit to check our operational status.

How much time should I allow for my visit to the Memorial?

We recommend you plan two hours for your visit. The guided walking tour is approximately one hour. The additional hour allows time to walk around on your own to areas of interest, take photos, and visit the Memorial Gift Shop.

What do we do if it's raining?

The National D-Day Memorial is an outdoor experience, so if it is raining, please bring an umbrella, poncho, or other appropriate rain gear. Because the Memorial is an outdoor facility, remind your guests to consult weather forecasts in deciding on warm, wet, or cool weather attire. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and hats are recommended during sunny weather.

What if I'm traveling with a pet?

The Memorial provides several crates inside “Chips’ Bunker,” our temperature-controlled kennel. Please let the ticketing attendant know if you are traveling with a pet, to check crate availability.

The central aspect of the Memorial, encompassing the sidewalks and grounds interior to the circular parking lot, is off limits to pets and animals, with the exception of service animals.

Pets should be on a leash at all times. Please ask site staff where you may walk your pet.

Please consider the welfare of your pet when you travel to the Memorial site.

Do you have any mobility assistance available?

The Monument is fully wheelchair accessible. A limited number of wheelchairs are available to use at no additional fee. Guests may also use their personal mobility scooters to access the site.

Is the Memorial sensory-friendly?

The Memorial is certified Sensory Inclusive by KultureCity. Our trained staff can provide sensory bags, which are available for our guests to borrow during visits.

Learn more about what to expect at our site.

Please note the Memorial’s beach tableau features simulated battle sounds.