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In World War II, the warnings were everywhere: the enemy is listening! Now, it’s your turn to eavesdrop. Join the conversation with Someone Talked! – the official podcast of the National D-Day Memorial.

LIVE from Bedford, Virginia and Normandy, France… the National D-Day Memorial brings you Someone Talked! with special guest Paul Woodadge – May 17 from 10AM-NOON Eastern.

D-Day historian and host of World War II TV and battlefield guide will take listeners on an auditory tour of the landing beaches and share how France is marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Join the conversation as it happens and submit your questions for Woodadge LIVE!

Paul Woodadge is a British born battlefield guide and historian living in Normandy, France.

He is a published author and in addition to working as a DDay and Battle of Normandy tour guide he works as a historical consultant and advisor on WWII documentaries, films and TV shows.

He is highly regarded as one of the foremost experts on 1944 and the invasion of Europe by the Allies and has met countless veterans.

Hosted by military historian and university professor
Dr. John C. McManus

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