Artifact Donations

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation maintains an expanding collection of historic items that help us achieve our primary goal: preserving the lessons and legacies of D-Day for future generations. With plans for a future Education Center featuring museum exhibits, the Memorial’s collection will take on increased importance and visibility.

The Foundation is interested in
considering items related to D-Day.

The Foundation seeks historic objects, photographs, documents, textiles, and research materials related to the planning, implementation, aftermath, and commemoration of D-Day. Secondarily, items illustrating the larger picture of World War II abroad and on the American homefront, are also considered.

Please understand that we cannot accept every artifact of the WWII era or normally accept military items from other time periods. Items already well represented in our collection, include many military uniforms, footlockers, ration books, Nazi flags, and personal items such as mess kits, canteens, etc. While we welcome and appreciate all those who contact us regarding artifact donation, it is necessary to decline some offers due to limited space. The foundation is not currently accepting large book collections.

Please do not bring artifact donations to the Foundation office or Memorial site without an appointment.

To learn more about artifact donation, please contact:

John Long
Director of Education
National D-Day Memorial Foundation
540-586-3329 or

or send us a message online