While at the Memorial

Visitors are reminded the Memorial is a place of honor and are asked to adhere to the following etiquette guidelines and site rules:

  • Please take special care to watch children. Running, climbing, and yelling are not appropriate.
  • Wading, playing, or throwing objects into the reflection pool is strictly prohibited.
  • No recreational activities
  • No eating, drinking (with the exception of water), or smoking while on monument grounds.  Picnic tables are located inside the Memorial’s pavilion, though not always available. A smoking area is located adjacent to the pavilion.
  • No weapons
  • No drones
  • No alcohol
  • Visitors are permitted to take pictures on the Memorial site with the understanding that they are not to be sold or used commercially without the express written permission of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation.
  • Animals: With the exception of licensed service dogs, no animals are permitted within the monument’s perimeter. The Memorial has a kennel area to place pets while visiting the site. Inquire with the ticketing agent for more information.

Name and Logo Use

The names “National D-Day Memorial” and “National D-Day Memorial Foundation” and Memorial/Foundation logos are protected under copyright law. Unauthorized use of Memorial/Foundation names and logos is prohibited.


The design elements of the Memorial are protected under copyright law. Visitors are permitted to take pictures or video on/of the Memorial site, or create artistic depictions, for personal use only.  Such images are not to be sold; used commercially, promotionally, or in advertising; used by political campaigns, religious organizations/groups, non-profits or businesses without the express written permission of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation.

To avoid issues of copyright, the Foundation/staff/volunteers cannot accept donations of or use images captured by photographers (professional or amateur) except those photographers hired by the Foundation.

As the Memorial is a place of reverence, its use as a photo session location is prohibited.

The Memorial site is private property, thus the Foundation retains the right to limit or deny photography or video activity/requests or site access at any time.

Unmanned Aircraft (Drones)

Trespass by unmanned aircraft (drone) is not permitted. Unmanned aircraft (drone) operation on/over Memorial property may be in violation of federal regulation § 107.45 Operation in prohibited or restricted areas and/or § 107.39 Operation over human beings and Virginia statute § 18.2-121.3. Trespass with an unmanned aircraft system; penalty  and/or § 18.2-324.2. Use of unmanned aircraft system for certain purposes; penalty.

The Memorial’s 50-acre site is private property, predominantly open-air, and occupied by staff or security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Foundation’s risk management policy prohibits the launch of unmanned aircraft (drones) from Memorial property or operation over the Memorial site for the safety of our guests, staff, contractors, and volunteers.

Political Campaigning

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation is apolitical and non-partisan. Therefore, campaigning for public office is prohibited on Memorial grounds to include: distribution of campaign materials/literature; the wearing of campaign clothing such as shirts, hats, and buttons; placement of campaign signs; engaging Memorial guests, volunteers, or staff in campaign conversation; the use of the Memorial’s name or imagery in campaign ads, social media, etc.

Distribution of Material/Solicitation

The distribution of any material or solicitation/engagement of Memorial guests is prohibited without the express permission of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation. This includes solicitation by members of religious groups and the distribution of religious materials or literature. Fundraising at the Memorial site on behalf of any individual, group, organization, or foundation other than the National D-Day Memorial Foundation is prohibited.