Name and Logo Use

The names “National D-Day Memorial” and “National D-Day Memorial Foundation” and Memorial/Foundation logos are protected under copyright law. Unauthorized use of Memorial/Foundation names and logos is prohibited.



The design elements of the Memorial are protected under copyright law. Visitors are permitted to take pictures or video on/of the Memorial site for personal use only.  Such images are not to be sold; used commercially or promotionally; used by political campaigns, religious organizations, non-profits or businesses or displayed or aired without the express written permission of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation.


Political Campaigning

The National D-Day Memorial Foundation is apolitical and non-partisan. Therefore, campaigning for public office is prohibited on Memorial grounds to include: distribution of campaign materials; the wearing of campaign clothing such as shirts, hats, and buttons; placement of campaign signs; engaging Memorial guests, volunteers, or staff in campaign conversation; the use of the Memorial’s name or imagery in campaign ads, social media, etc.


Distribution of Material/Solicitation

The distribution of any material or solicitation of Memorial guests is prohibited without the express written permission of the National D-Day Memorial Foundation.